Healthy Nutrition and Fitness With Garlic

For a healthy nutrition and fitness with garlic we must know something more about it. Garlic (Allium sativum) is a perennial bulbous plant with a very variable height (from 20 to 70 cm approximately); the bulb of the plant consists of numerous layers of very thin leaves that surround a central layer which  encloses the so-called cloves . The best harvest time  of the bulbs is  from September to October.

The garlic probably  originated in areas located in Central Asia, and now  is cultivated throughout the world for food purposes (for seasoning of food) and for herbal purposes. It is used by all the kitchens of the Western world (primarily from the French) and  in Chinese cooking, garlic is, along with ginger, one of the most important spices:it  is widely used also  in Indian cuisine and is considered essential in Mexican and generally in all those areas belonging to South America.

A healthy nutrition and fitness with garlic,must include this plant in everyone’s eating or dieting plan. There are various kinds of garlic, as well all’Allium sativum, the most widely used, is reminiscent of the Allium fragrans, the Allium oreaceum, the Allium ursinum and Allium vineale. Allium Sativum can be traced to two main categories: garlic white tunic and garlic in a red tunic; fall under the first the  white garlic of Piacenza,the  white garlic Fucino and the  white garlic in Naples.

The main differences between the white tunic and a red tunic are related to the cultivation cycle (shorter by about a month in the second), the size of the bulb (smaller in the former) and the retention time (in seconds rather short that, consequently, are more suitable for immediate consumption).

In an Egyptian papyrus of the fifteenth century BC  there is a list of  twenty-two medical uses of garlic, which is also mentioned by numerous ancient authors, including Herodotus, Varro, Ovid and Pliny.So also in the ancient time the people knew what it was a healthy nutrition and fitness with garlic.

The main constituents of garlic are the essential oil and various sulfur compounds (alliin, S-allilcisteina , etc…). Its characteristic and special  perfume is due to mechanical compression of the bulb that gives rise to the issue of alliin which, by interacting with the enzyme alliinase forms hydrolysis some intermediates which autocondense very rapidly and form various thiosolfinate, mainly allicin (70% approximately) .

For a healthy nutrition and fitness  with garlic, it is  is recommended use it for the treatment of many disorders. Its  for example recommended for colds, flu, ear infections, whooping cough, pharyngitis and bronchitis. Garlic is considered an excellent immunostimulant and is thought to reduce the recovery time of gastrointestinal infections.

It is traditionally used against intestinal parasites and candida vaginal. Attributed to him also antiseptic and therefore is recommended for both treat the wounds to heal calluses, warts and cutaneous viral infections.

For  a healthy nutrition and fitness with garlic you must know that is also highly suggested the consumption of it as a preventive treatment for disorders like cardiovascular (atherosclerosis, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, stroke, etc..), For which purpose it is recommended for daily use in the long term.

Is also referred to as a chelating agent in cases of lead poisoning. Its use, however, is contraindicated in cases of acute or chronic gastritis, pregnancy (at high doses) and inflammation of mucous membranes; should abstain from the consumption of garlic (at therapeutic doses) persons who are planning a surgical intervention.
In some cases, chronic exposure to pure garlic juice allergies caused by contact with allicin and allergic asthma.

For the proper healthy nutrition and fitness with garlic ,It is strongly discouraged prolonged consumption of large amounts of fresh garlic or high doses of allicin supplements to those using anticoagulant and / or antiplatelet agents. Furthermore, a degree of caution in the use of garlic supplements or release of allicin is if you are taking protease inhibitor drugs, or if you use drugs non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors, or if you take insulin.

Garlic is considered a real panacea for many diseases, but in reality you should not overdo it when it comes to the benefits arising, like many foods, it is obvious that garlic can act positively on the welfare of the organism, but use it as a real medicine is really optimistic. Recall that the pharmaceutical companies  know that it is a healthy nutrition and fitness with garlic and are very attentive to the success of herbal medicine: if something really works (see aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid), immediately (for better or for worse) the production of “synthetic” product in the form of medication ( not supplement form).

For a healthy nutrition and fitness with garlic you must be aware of  the advantages and disadvantages when using this beautiful powerful useful plant  that mother nature gives us.

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